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Useful Information

Some frequently asked questions about staying with Njoy.

How To Book A Viewing

  1. Click the Book a Viewing button
  2. Call Manchester on: 0161 850 3040 or Leeds on: 0113 262 0102
  3. E-mail Manchester at: rooms@njoystudentliving.co.uk. or Leeds at: enquiries@carrmills-students.co.uk

Rearrange A Viewing
If you wish to rearrange your viewing please call Manchester on: 0161 850 3040 or Leeds on: 0113 262 0102

So You Want To Book A Room?
It couldn't be more simple, either book online here, or call us.

  • Your application form and your contract is all done online!
  • UK students - you will need to have a UK based guarantor. Rent is paid termly, in line with your student loan.
  • International students - payment in full, prior to arrival.

Want To Live With Your Friends?
We can group tenants together so that you can move in with your friends. This is subject to the availability of the rooms. Please call us to discuss.

Part-time Students
Unfortunately we can only accept full time students for the academic year.

Deposit Information

There is no deposit (apart from Naburn & Welby Street) To reserve a room all you need to do is pay a pre-rent payment of 1 weeks rent.

Contract Information

Can I Move In Before The Start Date
Subject to availability yes you can! Just get in touch with our lettings team in Manchester or Leeds.

Can I extend my contract?
Of course you can. We would love to have you with us longer. If you wish to extend it for the same room please let us know a.s.a.p.

Can I shorten my contract, or pull out of my contract?
No - unless you can find a suitable replacement tenant, as defined by Njoy Student Living. Your contract is legally binding and you should make sure that you have read the terms and conditions, understand them, and are happy to comply to them - throughout your stay with Njoy Student Living. If you have any other queries please ask us.

What if I can't pay my rent on time?
It's absolutely necessary for you to contact a member of the team a.s.a.p. should you be unable to pay your rent on time. They will help you as much as possible to work out a solution. If you don't pay your rent then your guarantor will be liable for the outstanding amount left on your contract.

What will happen if I leave university?
If you leave university for whatever reason, you must notify us immediately. You will need to find a replacement tenant - or you will be responsible for the rent, for the remainder of your contract.

Changes to tenancy
Should you need to change any details about your tenancy with Njoy Student Living, (ex; changing your guarantor) please contact the us a.s.a.p.

Do I have to move out over Christmas/Easter?
No, you are more than welcome to stay in the accommodation throughout the holidays.

Our high speed fibre internet is supplied by ASK4, and is included in your rent.

Do I have to pay council tax?
As a UK or international student studying a full-time course you are not required to pay council tax. However, in order to qualify for non payment, you need to supply Njoy Student Living with a valid student certificate shortly after enrolment. Failure to do so may result in you becoming liable for council tax.

Will I be charged for bills?
All your utility bills are included in the rent.


Terms of Occupancy
Acceptance of the terms of occupancy (the 'Terms') will create a legally binding contract between you and Njoy Student Living. You should read the terms carefully and ensure that you understand what they mean to you. If you do not understand any of the Terms, you should take advice on them prior to signing them. Below is a list of some of the 'key' Terms.

This list does not contain all of the Terms and reading it should not replace a careful review of the actual Terms.

  • You are renting a self catered room
  • You must behave with respect and consideration to other residents, staff and your neighbours, & you must behave in accordance with the Terms
  • You must not do anything to damage or put at risk the accommodation (your room and the communal areas), & you must behave in accordance with the Terms

Please put your full name and room number, followed by the accommodation address (shown on the contact page) for any online orders you place.

  • Manchester - your parcel will be kept safely in the main office, and we notify you by e-mail.
  • Leeds - your parcel will be kept in reception, please sign for it on pick up.

NOTE - please don't forget to change your postal address at the end of your contract, as all mail received after you move out, will be returned to sender.

Hot Water and Heating
Hot water is available 24/7 in all our student accommodation.

  • Manchester - the central heating at Langdale Hall, Langdale Courtyard & Carfax Court Flats is thermostatically controlled seasonally on-site. Naburn & Welby St have their own air sourced heat pumps.
  • Leeds - there are convection heaters in each individual room and communal areas, which are controlled by a booster time switch.

All residents can cook their own meals within the kitchens provided. Storage is also provided in each kitchen for residents to store their belongings, food and beverages. We do not allow residents to bring into the halls large bags of rice larger than 1kg, or rice cookers. This is part of our pest control procedure to keep the halls free from cockroaches and pests.

  • Manchester - Langdale Hall & Langdale Courtyard - all kitchens are fitted with a coded lock of which only the people who belong to that kitchen will be given the codes to. We recommend you do not share this code with anybody else, as it will lower the chances of anything going missing from the kitchen.

From Mondays to Fridays, communal rooms, stairwells, corridors, kitchens and bathrooms (Manchester only) are cleaned at regular intervals. All residents should co-operate fully with the domestic staff. You are responsible for cleaning and tidying your own room/flat. For reasons of hygiene and the prevention of illness, it is essential that washing up is done promptly and that fridges, cookers and work surfaces are cleaned after use. Although staff are employed to clean communal areas including kitchens (Manchester only) it's unrealistic to expect them to maintain satisfactory standards on their own. Residents, therefore, must clean up after themselves. It's often a good idea to organise a rota of cleaning duties among those sharing a kitchen to ensure that everyone pulls their weight equally.


  • Manchester - washing machines and tumble dryers are available for unlimited use at Langdale Hall (main building basement) Langdale Courtyard (c block basement) & Carfax Court (ground floor by the entrance) at a charge of £60 per student, during the duration of your tenancy. Students at Naburn & Welby St are provided with a washing machine within the kitchen.
  • Leeds - washing machines and tumble dryers are provided by Circuit. You can purchase a Circuit card that you can top up, or simply download the Circuit app. Opening times are 9:00am - 5:00pm, Mon - Fri and 10:00am - 6:00pm, Sat - Sun. Njoy Student Living is not responsible for the loss or damage of any clothes and belongings whilst using the laundry facilities in Manchester & Leeds.

If you have any issues with your room/flat/communal areas all you need to do is go to: www.njoystudentliving.co.uk/help for assistance.

Free Comprehensive Insurance

For our student tenants your accommodation comes with full comprehensive insurance, by Endsleigh. You have the opportunity to increase your cover, plus, through the app, you have access to a 24/7 Wellbeing Helpline!

Confirm your cover and grab the app here.

Internet Service

ASK 4 provide our high-speed fibre internet in Manchester & Leeds.

Wi-fi & ethernet is available in Langdale Hall, Langdale Courtyard and Carfax Court. Wi-fi only in Leeds.

Getting connected is easy, just download the app and follow the info on your A5 flyer, or check out the ASK 4 posters on the communal notice boards.

Safety Policies

Accommodation Security
Njoy Student Living does not hold itself responsible for your personal property during your tenancy at any of our accommodation buildings in Manchester & Leeds.

Thefts can occur, usually when doors are left open or unlocked (which may invalidate the insurance policy). In order to prevent trespass and theft, always lock your doors when leaving your room. Get into the habit of doing so even for short absences, such as going to the kitchen or bathroom. Do not wedge doors open. Never let anybody that you do not know personally into your room/accommodation.

Your keys are your responsibility - Ensure you have them with you when you leave your room! Replacement keys will be charged accordingly. Forgetting your keys is not an excuse, and will be treated as requests for a replacement set. No refunds are given if you subsequently recover your previous keys.

Do not lend your keys to anyone or leave them lying around in kitchens or communal areas. Avoid having your name/room number on your key ring in case they are lost or stolen. Please report lost keys to the Caretaker or Maintenance Manager.

Fire Procedures
Every resident should become familiar with the regulations regarding fire precautions and the procedures to be followed in the event of a fire alert.

Safety Equipment
Langdale Hall, Langdale Courtyard, Carfax Court and Carr Mills are equipped with fire alarms activated by panic buttons, heat detectors and smoke detectors. Never attempt to cook anything except in a kitchen and make sure that the kitchen door is closed when cooking, as the corridor smoke detectors are very sensitive. The fire equipment is provided to save lives and misuse is a serious matter and may be a criminal matter. If you tamper with the fire equipment there may be a fine per incident. Please ensure that smoke doors are kept closed, including the door to your study/bedroom. Do not remove door retaining springs or you will be charged for replacing them, should they go missing.

Alarm Tests
The fire alarm will be tested briefly every Thursday at 12:00 pm in Manchester and every Wednesday between 13.00-13.30pm in Leeds. If you hear the alarm at any other time you should immediately evacuate the building, attracting the attention of those in adjacent study/bedrooms. Leave by the fire exits or the main stairs. Assemble in the car park / grass verge away from the building in an orderly manner.

If you suspect that someone has not evacuated, inform the property team supervising the evacuation immediately. Any fire, however small, must be reported to office as soon as possible, so that damage can be assessed and fire safety appliances checked. If in doubt: EVACUATE!

Every resident has a responsibility to understand the fire procedures within the building. It is there for your safety. The Halls are equipped with heat detectors and smoke detectors. Fumes from cooking, smoking, steam, dust and aerosols, can all activate the smoke detectors. It is important to keep kitchen and bedroom doors shut as these are fire doors. Please think about your actions.

If the Fire Service is called when the system activates unnecessarily, it is a serious matter. The Fire Service will then be committed to dealing with a false call and will not be available to deal with real emergencies elsewhere in the area. The fire equipment is provided to save lives. If you misuse or interfere with any of the fire equipment it will result in disciplinary action. You may be expelled and/or charged with a criminal offence.

For your own safety and the safety of others living in Halls, please ensure that all doors are kept closed including any interconnecting doors. It is important to remember that setting off the fire alarm or setting off fire extinguishers, when there is no fire is against the law. *It can result in a fine of up to £2500 or imprisonment*

  • Do not wedge doors open or tamper with door retaining springs. Doors help prevent smoke and fire spreading.
  • Do not leave cooking unattended. Do not use chip pans, and/or deep-fat fryers. If found these will be removed.
  • Do not burn candles or other materials that create smoke. Remember smoke detectors are very sensitive.
  • Do not cover smoke detectors. If you do, there may be a fine per incident - Do not smoke anywhere in the building - If you do, there is may be a fine per incident.
  • All corridors are to be kept clear (these are fire escape routes). If items are found, they will be removed.
  • All areas inside the building are strictly no smoking. If you are caught, there may be a fine.

It’s in everyone’s interests to watch out for uninvited visitors. Salesmen are not permitted in Halls without proof of an appointment, political or religious groups have no right to roam the Halls at will. If you have any doubts about anybody, report your suspicions to Hall reception immediately.

Your Room

It’s exciting to move into your new student room and we understand that you may have some questions.

Will the room be furnished?
All of our rooms are furnished with a double/single bed, wardrobe/built in storage, chest of drawers, desk, chair and bedside cabinet (space permitting). If you've chosen a flat, you'll also have additional relevant furniture and a microwave, toaster and kettle. Please note your room / flat does not come with any bedding or accessories, as shown in marketing photographs.

Can I personalise my room?
If you personalise your room, it is then your responsibility to return the room to us (at the end of your tenancy) in the condition it was in, at the beginning of your tenancy. It will be inspected by the caretaker. If you should incur any damages during your stay with Njoy Student Living, you will be liable for the cost of repair.

Can I have overnight guests?
Visitors are allowed for 2 nights per week. A confirmation of details should be provided to staff in case of fire evacuation. Please contact the main offices by telephone or email.

All our accommodation in Manchester & Leeds is not designed for children under 16 years of age. Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. Access to all high-risk areas is by prior arrangement only.

Under the Terms of Occupancy, the Management has a right to refuse entry to any non-resident.

Can I bring a pet?
Unfortunately we are unable to permit pets within any of our accommodation.

What if I have a TV? Do I have to pay a TV license?
All our accommodation in Manchester & Leeds do not provide TV licences for any TV’s in any bedrooms in any of the Halls or in the kitchens of the Halls. Individual licences are required for TV’s used in any room. Further information can be found from the TV Licensing, Bristol BS98 1TL (0300 790 6098). However, there is a communal TV in the open plan living rooms of all the flats in Carr Mills, plus, there's a communal cinema room at Langdale Hall / Langdale Courtyard.

Absence from halls?
As a responsible adult, you are free to come and go, and you are only required to indicate your absence and to co-operate with the safety and security arrangements of the Hall. It may be advisable to advise the Property Manager of prolonged absence (overnight or for periods of 24 hours or more) and may provide peace of mind to other residents if you have not been seen for a while.

Social Media

We have a resident's group on Facebook - we encourage all of our students to join this group, plus, don't forget Twitter!

Car Parking, Cycling and Transportation


Car Parking
A resident's car park is located at the front of Langdale Hall. Visitors are allowed to use the car park, but a car park fob must be obtained from the office (£50 holding required).

You are able to store bicycles within the secure bike sheds, by the side entrance of Langdale Hall. Cycles should be stored with an appropriate strong lock. They are left at your own risk and extra insurance cover is recommended. Under no circumstances may cycles be brought inside the communal areas of the Halls or any private rooms. Njoy Student Living is not responsible for the loss or damage to any of the resident's cycles or vehicles.

Public Transport
We are a 4-minute walk from Europe's busiest bus route on Wilmslow Rd. All the buses go past University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Njoy Student Living highly recommend Uber.


Car Parking
A resident's car park is throughout the Carr Mills site. Visitors are allowed to use the car park provided they have booked a visitors parking permit (£2 for 24 hours). For long term stays, a parking permit can be obtained for the year. The cost is £300.

You are able to store bicycles on the bike racks, in 3 areas of Carr Mills. Cycles should be stored with an appropriate strong lock. They are left at your own risk and extra insurance cover is recommended. Under no circumstances may cycles be brought inside the communal areas of the Halls or any private rooms. Carr Mills is not responsible for the loss or damage to any of the resident's cycles or vehicles.

Public Transport
Carr Mills is located on the 51/52 bus route directly into Leeds City Centre, with a wide array of shopping centres, cinemas and restaurants less than ten minutes away.

There are regular train services from Leeds Train Station to destinations nationwide.

Many students also use Amber Cars as well as Uber for longer distances or late-night travel.

Useful Contacts - Manchester

Manchester Office

  • Lettings Manager: Jonathan
  • Maintenance Manager: Matthew
  • Lettings: Rachel
  • Admin/Accounts: Katie
  • Maintenance: Stuart
  • Caretaker: Ged
  • Cleaners: Mary & Lisa

Hospitals and Health
Christie Hospital 0161 446 3000
Community Health Service 0161 445 1919
Royal Infirmary 0161 276 1234
Blood Transfusion Service 0161 273 7181
Northern Hospital 0161 740 2241
North General Hospital 0161 795 4567
St. Mary’s Hospital 0161 276 1234
Family Planning 0161 434 3555

Help and Advice Lines
Alcohol Information Centre 0161 223 3770
Alcoholics Anonymous 0161 236 6569
AIDS LINE 0800 555 777
Lifeline Project Drug Advice 0161 839 2054
Gay Switchboard 0161 235 8000
Lesbian Link 0161 236 6205
Manchester Rape Crisis 0161 273 4500
Pregnancy Advisory Service 0161 228 1887
Samaritans 0161 236 8000
Women’s Aid 0161 839 8574
Citizens Advice Bureau 0161 834 9844
Community Drugs Team 0161 274 4287
Greater Manchester Police 101

Manchester Airport 0161 489 3000
National Rail Enquiries 0333 202 2222
GM Buses 0161 627 2828
GMPTE Travel Information 0161 228 7811
Metro Link 0161 205 2000
National Express Coaches 0871 781 8181
Campus Travel 0161 274 3105

Useful Contacts - Leeds

Carr Mills Office

  • General Manager: Peter
  • Lettings & Marketing: Evelina
  • Residential Lettings: Shoaib
  • Maintenance: Neil & Darren

Hospitals and Health
Leeds General Infirmary 0113 2432799
Leeds Community Health Service 0113 220 8500
St James Hospital 0113 2433144
Leeds Blood Centre 0113 214 8600
Leeds Sexual Health0113 392 0333

Help and Advice Lines
Forward Leeds - Alcohol and Drug Service 0113 887 2477
Alcoholics Anonymous 0800 9177 650
AIDS LINE 0800 555 777
Leeds Club Drug Clinic 0113 295 1300
Gay Switchboard 0300 330 0630
Rape Crisis National Helpline 0113 243 9102
24/7 Pregnancy Advice Line 0300 123 5473
Samaritans 0113 245 6789
Women’s Aid 0113 246 0401
Citizens Advice 0113 223 4400
Leeds Police 101

Leeds Bradford Airport 0871 288 2288
National Rail Enquiries 0333 202 2222
First Bus Leeds 0345 646 0707
Metro Link 0113 245 7676
National Express Coaches 0871 781 8181

Complaints & Disputes Policy

If you unfortunately feel as though you need to make a complaint or have a dispute, please go to: njoystudentliving.co.uk/help. On the "What can we help you with?" drop down menu, go to "Complaints & Disputes" and fill in your details. Management aim to contact you within 48hrs.

  • You can make a complaint in writing (by letter or e-mail). We would strongly encourage you however, to initially raise an "informal" complaint in person however, either by phone or at the main office. Our staff will endeavour to resolve your complaint at this initial point of contact. If this is not possible then your complaint will be dealt with in accordance with the stages set out below.

Complaints Process

    Stage 1
    Complaints must be made in writing by letter or email. Your complaint will be investigated by a member of staff, and we will endeavour to provide a response within 7 days of receiving your complaint. If you do not believe that your complaint has been treated fairly and correctly you can escalate your complaint to Stage 2, however you must state why you do not think your complaint has been treated fairly.
  • Stage 2
    At Stage 2 your complaint will be investigated by the Office Manager. We will endeavour to provide a response within 7 days of receiving your complaint. If you still do not believe that your complaint has been treated fairly and correctly you can escalate your complaint to Stage 3, however you must state why you do not think your complaint has been treated fairly.
  • Stage 3
    is the final stage of the Complaints Procedure. At Stage 3 your complaint will be addressed by a Company Director. You will be notified of their decision in writing, normally within 7 days of receiving your complaint. The decision of the Director is final - there is no further right of appeal. However, if you still feel unsatisfied we would recommend you seek legal advice, and your solicitor can liaise directly with our legal department.

Equality & Diversity

Njoy Student Living believes the experience of our tenants is enriched through the integration of individuals in an atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to apply their talents in a safe and secure environment. In which no-one feels threatened, intimidated or lesser in any way and in which diversity and equality is eminent.

We offer accommodation to all students regardless of sex, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race or ethnicity, nationality, disability, religion or religious beliefs, social or educational background.

We commit to ensuring that all tenants and visitors are treated fairly, always with respect and dignity and never with prejudice.

To ensure this happens in practice, Njoy Student Living will make a series of commitments to its tenants, visitors and employees:

  • Njoy Student Living will endeavour to treat all residents, visitors and employees with a fair and respectful attitude.
  • Njoy Student Living will commit to tackling discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation.
  • Njoy Student Living will investigate any complaint of this nature from residents, visitors or employees who feel they have been treated unfairly.
  • Njoy Student Living will actively engage in activities to ensure the wellbeing of all residents, visitors or employees.

Struggling with your Health & Wellbeing?

Need a listening ear? For professional help from your university or college click on the links below:

Student Services Address Book
Student Services Local and National

Leeds Nightline
Leeds Nightline
Leeds Nightline is a listening and information service for students in Leeds. It's a confidential, anonymous and non-judgemental service which does not advise or direct.
It is a charity run by students for students