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Advice for parents and guardians

Supporting a young adult on their journey through higher education can be daunting. We help to make this process easier by offering you peace of mind that your child is living in safe, secure and accredited accommodation.

We take our responsibility to our residents very seriously, and our on-site team will always be available to handle enquiries from students and their parents. All residents have access to an online troubleshooting guide, and a help form to allow them to quickly log any problems or maintenance issues. Parents can also contact the Njoy offices direct.


As part of the contract, we’ll ask you to act as a guarantor. All UK residents must provide a guarantor. The guarantor will be responsible for the outstanding amount left on a contract, in the event the student cannot pay on time. Rent is paid at the start of each term, in line with student loan payments.

If you are studying in Manchester, as we are a Manchester Student Homes 'International Friendly' accommodation provider, we allow international students to pay termly, however we still do require a guarantor, which can be U.K. or overseas based. Of course, it would be no problem at all, if you would prefer to pay in full, prior to your arrival.

If a student is having trouble paying their rent on time, the best option is to contact the Njoy Student Living team. The sooner we are aware there is a problem, the sooner we can work together, to find a solution.

Safety and security

We take the safety of our tenants very seriously. Unfortunately, student accommodation can often be targeted by thieves as they know that students will have items like laptops and other valuables in their rooms.

In the majority of our halls of residence, we have 24 hour CCTV monitoring to help deter thieves. We also provide safety features like fob key entry to ensure only those who should have access to the premises can gain entry. And finally, each room includes free Endsleigh contents insurance for added peace of mind.

We rely on our student residents to make the most of these security measures. When break-ins happen, it is often because windows are left open or doors left ajar. We ask parents and guardians to remind students to make the most of the security features available to keep their possessions safe.


We recognise that these are difficult times to send your child away to university. We’re helping to combat the spread of the virus by implementing strict cleaning protocols and making it easier for students to self-isolate if required.

New students can book their accommodation for 2024/25 online without the need to visit the campus. With virtual tours and a simple booking process, your child can get ready for the next academic year without any non-essential travel.